Create the Change You’ve Been Waiting For

Today our democracy does not work well, and is at risk of failing altogether. Even In the aftermath of the 2008 Great Recession our banks are still too big to fail and our Congress too deadlocked to govern. Extreme income inequality could undermine our democracy. The underlying purpose of the United States Constitution is to make our democracy work. Powerful Republicans and Democrats in Congress and on Wall Street have turned that purpose upside down by creating laws and practices that serve their narrow self-interests at the expense of the ordinary citizen and common good. Many conclude that such dysfunction is inevitable, and little can be done to Make Our Democracy Work better.

But I believe there is something we can do!

I choose to look at the world as divided into Goodheads and Greedheads. Goodheads believe as I do that our democracy can work if enough people unite around the common good rather than promote narrow self-interests. Goodheads are Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, unaffiliated and of all ethnic, social, religious and economic persuasions. Goodheads do not agree on all issues, but their common attribute is a desire to participate in the discussion and effect the changes necessary to Make Our Democracy Work better. To read more about my rationale for and definition of Greedheads, Goodheads and related terminology, download the pdf Rationale for Offensive Terminology Like Greedheads.

If enough Goodheads unite we can (at least begin to) Make Our Democracy Work. Does the idea of change in any of the areas above (Politics/Business, Education and Health Care) interest you? Would you like to be part of that change? If so, Get Involved.

You might enjoy listening to Leonard Cohen’s message music Democracy is Coming to the USA.