Together We Can Make a Difference!

Welcome to the Make Our Democracy Work blog. I have provided some discussion questions for each of the three main topics of MODW:

(1) Politics/Business

(2) Education

(3) Health Care

Please join the discussion of one or more of these topics. Feel free to bypass my questions and address any related issues of concern, and/or describe and discuss how you met your one hour or more of “Goodhead” activity last month to keep your MODW membership current. I look forward to many stimulating discussions, which hopefully will lead to specific actions that will Make Our Democracy Work better.
Merle McClung

I trust that all post submissions for the MODW blog will discuss issues and concerns in a civil manner. Since this is my website, I reserve the right not to post any submissions that I determine to be outside the limits of civil discourse. Any submission containing profanity or threats, for example, will be deleted without comment.