Our Founders (including adversaries like Thomas Jefferson and John Adams) agreed that the primary purpose of education is not economic or even academic, but political—to make the new democracy work. I call this the Civic or Democratic Standard (which I first proposed in 1972 in my Harvard Law School thesis, and summarize in Repurposing Education, Merle McClung.

Years later I re-defined the Civic Standard: “The primary purpose of public education is to prepare students to participate effectively as citizens in our constitutional democracy.” The Greedheads have turned that democratic concept upside down  with their business purpose of preparing students to compete effectively in the global economy. In a dumbed-down age when political and economic spin is shameless because effective, the Founders’ vision of the informed and active citizenry necessary to make our democracy work is especially relevant.

Help us refine this concept (through the Blog) and then develop an action plan to replace the Greedheads’ economic standard emphasizing individual competition with MODW’s civic (democratic) standard emphasizing common good collaboration.

My experience having my hip pain misdiagnosed for over twenty years, unsuccessful spinal fusion surgery which left me in greater pain than before, and subsequent physician refusal to prescribe the most effective pain medication approved by the FDA, leads me to question the Greedheads’ assertion that change is not needed.

The current health care system may be the best for them, but it certainly is not for the ordinary citizen. (See After Surgery, Surprise $117,000, by Elisabeth Rosenthal, September 21, 2014, NY Times)