Today our banks are still too big to fail, our Congress too deadlocked to govern, our Supreme Court prone to anti-democratic decisions, our health care system too adversarial for efficiency, income inequality too extreme, public education too focused on global competition rather than democratic collaboration, tax laws and loopholes benefiting the wealthy at the expense of the ordinary citizen too common, and the list goes on. We need to return to the core values and ideals envisioned by the Founders and their successors that have made our country the hope for democracy around the world.

Although MODWE’s emphasis on helping others and the common good will attract more members on the left than right, we seek common cause with moderate Republicans like David Brooks who are open to collaborative alternatives to address political, economic and social problems. Likewise, there is a place for Libertarians who share our view that the individual, not the state or any other group, should be the ultimate deciders of the medical and other personal decisions affecting our lives. “Greenheads” who know that the environment is more important than producing more widgets to goose the economy are also welcome participants. MODWE will join forces with other Goodhead organizations and assist Goodheads everywhere to counter the Greedheads.