In my new website, I state that one of the problems our constitutional democracy faces is the U.S. Supreme Court’s “anti-democratic” decision in the Citizens United case. In Big Money Wins Again in a Romp, (NY Times Nov. 7, 2014), Joe Nocera suggests that the unprecedented spending by special interests in the November 4 midterm elections, facilitated by the Citizens United case, will corrupt our representatives in Washington D.C. Nocera raised this issue with Ira Glasser, the former longtime head of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), who supports the Citizens United decision because he believes that all campaign finance laws violate the First Amendment, and do more harm than good.

Do you agree with Glasser or Nocera? Or do you have a different take on the issue of money corrupting our politics?

Democracy is Coming to the USA

The spirit of MODWE is reflected in Leonard Cohen’s inspirational Democracy is Coming to the USA. But why do such “grassroots” movements fade after a few years, and how can we change that?
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